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Great Coffee, Happy Neighbors, Minimized CO2 Footprint

Clean Air Innovation in the Coffee Roasting Industry

The EcoFilter uses the energy of a cyclone plus the power of atomized water to filter particulates from exhaust air, mute odors and reduce visible smoke.

The self-cleaning system recycles its water and requires less than 15 minutes of daily maintenance.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Lowest operating cost of all air cleaning methods
  • Easy to install with our complete duct design service
  • Increases the safety of your roasting operation

The Vortx EcoFilter – Get Much More than a Conventional Cyclone

Reduces VOCs and the odor they cause

Filters visible chaff & dust

Captures CO2 produced by your roaster’s burner

Operating costs as low as $0.18/hour

Reduces risk of fires by maintaining a clean cyclone and stack

VortX EcoFilter

Engineered for Specialty Coffee Roasters

Quality Materials & Workmanship

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Precision Flow of Water & Air

Elegant Design

Affordable Price

Fanatical Customer Support

VortX EcoFilter

Happy Neighbors

Happy Planet

Happy Customers