Why EcoFilter™?

VortX Kleanair systems use the energy of a cyclone and the power of water to remove dust, chaff, smoke and odors from coffee roasting exhaust. The numerous benefits include:

Happy Neighbors

Your industrial, commercial or residential neighbors will forget you are there after you install a VortX EcoFilter. No more waiting for that dreaded complaint.

Good Stewardship

Everyone wants clean air, but at what cost? VortX consumes zero fossil fuels and contributes zero CO, CO2 or NOX. It even compacts solid waste for easy disposal

Higher Profitability

VortX reduces your labor to a minute per day because it is self-cleaning from the inlet through the stack to the cap. Minimal capital cost, minimal installation cost, minimal energy usage all add to your bottom line

Increased Safety

No risk of fire: stack and cyclone remain clean. No risk of injury: stack and cyclone are warm to the touch; no need for insulated class-A stack or a guard around the cyclone

Robust, Dependable

Stainless steel, powder coated, highest quality components. Backed by an industry leading warranty

Fanatical Support

We never leave anything to chance, we never leave you hanging, we do everything we can to ensure your success

How it works:

Vortx EcoFilters™ use the energy of a cyclone and the power of atomized water droplets to remove smoke, odors, dust and chaff from coffee roasting exhaust.

Key Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces smoke
  • Significantly mutes odors
  • Removes 100% of chaff and dust
  • Consumes zero fossil fuels
  • Generates zero greenhouse gasses
  • Cyclone/Stack remain clean

Questions? Call +1 800-854-4816 or email info@vortxkleanair.com