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Safely Filter Smoke & Odor from any Roaster

EcoFilter™ Green Alternative to an Afterburner

Coffee roasting is a dirty business. Be a good neighbor and a good steward by sustainably and safely filtering smoke, odor, chaff, dust and CO2

EcoFilter by VortX:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Low operating costs
  • Increased safety
  • Easy to setup & maintain

How EcoFilter Works

Watch this animation to see how the EcoFilter combines the centripetal force of a high-efficiency cyclone together with atomized water to filter the majority of contaminants from your roaster’s exhaust.

How Well EcoFilter Works*

This video exhibits a properly installed EcoFilter working on a P5 Probat roasting a full batch at CoRo in Berkeley, CA. You can see the point at which water vapor begins to appear and later the point at which the water vapor begins to pick up some color.

Please bear in mind that every installation is unique. Many factors beyond our control affect emissions from the EcoFilter, therefore we cannot make a specific performance guarantee.

Customers Around the World Trust the VortX EcoFilter

EcoFilter is Sustainably Filtering Smoke & Odor for Roasters on 6 Continents