EcoFilter: The Green Alternative to an Afterburner

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• Low Operating Costs

• Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

• Low Maintenance

• Learn why VortX is the world’s leader in coffee roaster emissions controls​

VortX EcoFilter

Clean Air Innovation in the Coffee Roasting Industry

The EcoFilter uses the energy of a cyclone plus the power of atomized water to filter particulates from exhaust air, mute odors and reduce visible smoke.

The self-cleaning system recycles its water and requires less than 15 minutes of daily maintenance.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Lowest operating cost of all air cleaning methods
  • Easy to install with our complete duct design service
  • Increases the safety of your roasting operation
No Afterburners

About VortX

Scientists have been warning us for many years that climate change is an existential threat and that we can, we must, do something about it. Every day this deep concern drives us to help our customers, the specialty coffee industry, play a leading role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while keeping a commitment to clean air and a safe operation.

We founded VortX because we knew there had to be a better way to filter smoke and odor, or more precisely – particulates, VOCs and products of combustion from coffee roasting exhaust.

When we discovered the impact made by instantly cooling the hot, dirty air from a roaster, the VortX EcoFilter was born. We sold our first unit in 2017 and in 4 short years we have established customers on 6 continents. These “early adopters” helped us focus on refining and improving our technology. We love every one of them; they helped us make the EcoFilter the impressive solution it is today.

We continue to serve the retrofit market and we are now building products for roaster manufacturers who are bringing to market a new generation of smokeless/odorless roasters.